Santiago got AAPOD² on 12th april

Avalon-Instruments is glad to announce the AAPODx2 for Derek Santiago and his M-uno with this amazing Abell 12 on twelfth april 2016


abell 12 derek santiago aapod2 400

Abell 12 is often called the "Hidden Nebula" because it is very difficult to observe and image due to its proximity to mag 4 star,
 Mu Orionis. Narrowband filters and careful processing helped to reveal it.

Imaging Camera: QSI540 wsg
Imaging Scope: 9.25" Celestron edge at F/10
Guide Camera: SX Lodestar x 2, PHD2
Mount: Avalon M Uno
Filters: Astrodon
Exposure:  2.5 hours 5nm OIII and 2.5 hours 5nm Ha, binned X2, 10 minute subs.
1 hour each LRGB unbinned, 3 minute subs.
Processing: CCD Stack and PS CS2.
Date: 1/6/16, 1/11/16
Location: My front driveway. Morristown, NJ